Dollars & Scents.

Brand your business with your own exclusive, custom scent.  Our sense of smell triggers memories and can evoke a feeling of familiarity.  Your brand is unique and this is an opportunity to create your very own fragrance to pair with it.  Establishing brand awareness can cost thousands – but with your own custom candle, your company can stand out for just pennies a day.

Step 1:  Blend your own custom candle from over 100 scents

Step 2:  Pick your own unique jar

Step 3:  We will help you develop a custom label

Corporate Branding Opportunities

No more pens, koozies or golf balls.

Companies spend a fortune on brand giveaways like pens, koozies, golf balls and thousands of other items. Stand apart from the rest with a corporate candle. Work with Augusta Candle Company to create and develop your own style, look, and – most importantly – your own scent.

Market your company through your client’s sense of smell and become memorable every time they light it up. Next time you are thinking about different ways to remind your customers how great you are, use a little common sense – or even better – a unique, personal scent that captures to the essence of the company that you own and so proud of.

The best part? The cost to create your own corporate candle is affordable and less than you may think. For a free estimate, email us at today.