Restroom Refresh.

Your restroom doesn’t have to smell like a restroom! Partner with Augusta Candle Co. to scent your restrooms and let your customers know you appreciate them.

how it works

Our candles combine all natural soy-based wax, cotton paper wicks, and pure fragrance oils to make a long-lasting and clean burning candle. Choose one scent from the men’s list and one from the women’s list to scent and refresh your
restrooms. We will pour them 24 at a time (12 men’s and 12 women’s) and
deliver them to the restaurant.

Men’s Scents: Amber musk, mahogany, bourbon, leather, wasabi

Women’s Scents: Olive blossom, lemongrass, awapuhi, key lime, bamboo

The candles are $10 each for a total of $240 per case and you can pay with
cash/check/credit card at the time of delivery. To place an order, email us at today.