Scent Your Special Day.

Scent can be a powerful tool in creating mood and memories. Your wedding is the perfect time to use fragrance to make your day extra special.

wedding favors & special gifts

We offer custom scented, labeled, and packaged candles in a range of styles and sizes to match the theme of your big day. We do bridal party gifts, guest gift bags, wedding favors, and even custom scents for your reception space to set the mood.

wedding showers & bachelorette parties

Celebrate your upcoming wedding with a Pour Your Own Candle Party! Turn your wedding shower or bachelorette party into an evening of fun and creativity. Each guest will be able to pick their own container and create their own custom scent blend using our 100+ fragrances. The candles take about an hour to set, so you can grab dinner or drinks, go shopping, and come back later to pick them up. We have a variety of options to accommodate your group, and we can do parties from 2 to 50 people. For more information on scenting your special day contact us at