10 best things to do for Mother’s Day in Augusta

Although it feels as if we just rang in the New Year, the year has continued to move along and we’re already closing out April and heading into the month of May. Ah, warm, sweet and brilliant May. A month that brings blossoms, flowers and even a merry Mother’s Day to be celebrated each year on the second Sunday.

For Mother’s Day, it can be tough to decide how to celebrate between traditional gatherings, unique gifts and how to spend those special moments with your mom. If you’re searching for some of the best things to do for Mother’s Day, Augusta Candle Co. compiled a list of the 10 best things to do for Mother’s Day in Augusta.

1.     Make a candle at Augusta Candle Co.

  • Well… c’mon, how could we not put ourselves first? At Augusta Candle Co. in downtown Augusta, we’re the total package when it comes to creating special and lasting memories with your mom on Mother’s Day. At Augusta Candle Co., you come and sniff over 100 pure fragrance oils before curating and hand pouring your own candle. You choose the scents, the jar and then blend your candle with your own custom combination. Pouring and creating a custom candle at Augusta Candle Co. is the perfect activity to do this Mother’s Day! Depending on the size of the group, the entire process takes around 30 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to eat or explore downtown Augusta! Reserve your spot this Mother’s Day and contact us at Augusta Candle Co.!

2.     Enjoy a nice brunch

  • It seemed appropriate to include this activity at this spot on the list. Since everyone’s favorite social gatherings and celebrations include food, why not enjoy a nice brunch this Mother’s Day? Brunch would even fit nicely into schedule if you planned to follow our recommendation from above and visit Augusta Candle Co.! Whether you’re downtown Augusta or in another part of the area, there’s plenty of great brunch places that you can dine at this Mother’s Day. Some brunch locations may be having a special or require reservations, so be sure to contact the restaurant before to confirm.

3.     Take a walk at the Greeneway Trail, Riverwalk or Augusta Canal

  • What better way to enjoy the warm and brilliant sun in May and on this Mother’s Day than by taking a walk with the person you call mom! Whether it’s the Greeneway Trail and Riverwalk in North Augusta or the Augusta Canal that goes from downtown to the Savannah Rapids, there’s so many locations for you to take a daytime stroll. Celebrate this Mother’s Day by taking a walk at one of the many walking trail locations in the Augusta area!

4.     Visit a local Farmers Market

  • You don’t always have to celebrate Mother’s Day on the specific Sunday, so don’t hinder your activities to that day! Take the weekend to spend those special moments with the person you call mom. A great activity to do in the Augusta area to celebrate Mother’s Day is visiting a local farmers market for flowers, produce and additional items! If you enjoy local, fresh and homemade products, then visiting a farmers’ market in the Augusta area with your mom may be one of the best ideas to pencil into your day! Whether it’s that early Saturday morning, or the bright Sunday afternoon, there’s plenty of farmers’ markets in the Augusta area for you to visit!

5.     Have a picnic at Lady A park

  • It’s May, which means it’s time to enjoy the outdoors, the sun and the smells of spring. So, whether you pack a basket or just grab something on the way, there’s nothing really like sitting under the sky and enjoying a picnic meal with your mom. We mentioned Lady A park in Evans, Georgia, but wherever you can find to set up your picnic to celebrate this Mothers’ Day will do just as well!

6.     Bake cookies at home

  • Sometimes people just want to enjoy the comfort of their own home and the company of those they love most, and that’s great too! If you’re celebrating this Mothers’ Day at home, then don’t forget to grab the necessary cookie dough baking supplies… or your favorite prepackaged options! When you’re unwinding or searching for a delightful snack, you and your mom can bond over baking cookies this Mothers’ Day!

7.     Stop to enjoy the flowers this Mothers’ Day

  • Flowers… one of the ways to a woman’s heart! When it comes to flowers, there’s so many varieties and ways for you to spend quality time with your mom. Whether you want to pick fresh flowers from a local garden or farmers’ market, plant flowers around your home or garden, take a flower arranging course or visit a botanical garden, you can really stop to smell the flowers while celebrating with your mom this Mothers’ Day!

8.     At home spa, or spa at a local salon

  • Celebrating a day dedicated to your mom may mean just slowing things down all together and really taking the time to relax and unwind. If your mom is the kind who enjoys a refreshing and relaxing spa day, maybe you should consider searching for a local spa near you to visit on Mothers’ Day. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered on a day that’s all about them?

9.     Have a movie marathon

  • Here’s another idea for those who just want to stay in their cozy homes! Between baking cookies and spending time with each other, especially for the nostalgic movie lovers, is picking out a selection of movies to watch for a Mothers’ Day Movie Marathon! Whether you’re into romcoms, thrillers or action, you and your mom can choose the movies perfect for you! Relax on the couch and enjoy the company of your mom this Mothers’ Day with an endless sight of movies you both love!

10.  Grab your favorite dessert

  • Of course, grab your favorite dessert! You might have planned this anyway, but whether you and your mom have a special dessert from a local Augusta restaurant you both love, or the thought had just slipped your mind, sweets are always an excellent go-to idea!

Happy Mother’s Day from the Augusta Candle Co.!

We hope that you found this list of the 10 best things to do for Mother’s Day in Augusta helpful and resourceful! If you liked any of these ideas and want to share your story with us, visit our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram! You can even stop at Augusta Candle Co. in downtown Augusta and let us know what Mother’s Day activity you found and enjoyed the most with your mom.

From the entire family at Augusta Candle Co., Happy Mother’s Day!

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