The magical bayberry candle benefits available at the Augusta Candle Company

The legend and tradition of the bayberry candle dates back to colonial times, but what’s the reasoning and uses behind this hundred-year-old tradition that is still alive to this day? Bayberry is considered to have magical and medicinal benefits that contribute to an individual’s health and wealth… something everyone wants to improve upon, especially with the start of a New Year right around the corner. Luckily for those who take part in the bayberry candle burning tradition, or for anyone who wants to start the tradition for themselves to see if their health and wealth improve, the Augusta Candle Company located in Downtown Augusta, Georgia is stocking their shelves with the magical bayberry scented soy wax candles to burn this Holiday season.


The legend of the bayberry candle


The legend of burning bayberry dates back to colonial times. Early colonists stumbled upon the shrub growing in the sand belt of the Atlantic coast as well as on the shores of Lake Eerie. The berry-type fruit from the bayberry shrub is crusted with green-white wax and settlers found that boiling the fruit created a wax residue on the surface of the water. The wax had a delightful fragrance and burned magnificently, creating a pleasing aroma to the colonists. However, many berries from the bayberry shrub had to be collected and boiled to produce enough wax to make a candle, but these bayberry candles burned longer, cleaner and brighter than the traditional candles at the time.


This is where the legend of the bayberry candle was born. Since the bayberry candles required so many berries from the shrub, the bayberry candles were created and only burned on special occasions, mainly the night of Christmas and the night of the New Year.


“Bayberry candles burned to the socket, bring health to the home and wealth to the pocket!”


As the years passed, the colonists and their successors continued the burning of the bayberry candle tradition to celebrate both Christmas and the beginning of the New Year, a tradition that has continued and still occurs to this day.


Bayberry candles & their magical traditions


The Augusta Candle Company is embracing and practicing the bayberry candle  tradition and providing our clients and customers access to the magical, medicinal bayberry scent. Yes, the bayberry candle produces a wonderfully spicy, piney smell, but it’s the magical traditions that has kept the bayberry tradition alive for so many years.


One tradition that has lived on and continued the burning of the bayberry candle is the idea that the bayberry brings wealth and money-drawing powers to the individual’s home. Not only is the bayberry wax said to bring you wealth, but tradition says that those who burn the bayberry candle will boost the power of luck and prosperity into their life and home.


Who wouldn’t want to boost their financial gain and ensure that money flows into your home more easily? And on top of that magical benefit… I think we would all welcome a power boost for luck and prosperity into our lives and homes, especially at the start of the 2021 New Year.


The burning of the bayberry candle tradition does not stop at wealth, luck and prosperity, but it is also great at helping you protect what you have. One of the old, magical traditions of burning bayberry ensures that you will protect what you’ve worked for and will keep the evil out of your life, which is again, something we all might be hoping for at the start of the New Year.


Health & wealth from the bayberry candle at the Augusta Candle Company


The traditions that surround the bayberry candle run deep and for hundreds of years the tradition of burning bayberry wax has continued to live on. Tradition tells us that burning a bayberry candle will bring health to our bodies and wealth to our homes, and who are we to argue with old traditions? Whether you decide to burn the bayberry candle for you and your family’s health, wealth, prosperity and protection or not, the tradition of the bayberry candle will live on, just as it has for hundreds of years.


Visit the Augusta Candle Company in Downtown Augusta or contact our store to inquire about our bayberry candle availability this Holiday season! At the Augusta Candle Company, we can’t wait to share the health and wealth with you as we join in burning bayberry candles this Christmas and New Year’s!



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